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Rental terms and conditions


Booking: To book a mobile home, the reservation request must imperatively be returned with a payment of 25% of the total rental + fees + cancellation insurance (optional). No fee for  week- end mobile home formulas.
To book a camping site, a deposit of 60 euros + booking fee + cancellation insurance (optional) is required.
All mobile home rental is personal and can not, under any circumstances, be assigned or sub-let. Unaccompanied minors will not be accepted.
Arrival: The pitches will be available at 3 pm on the day of your arrival.
Rentals mobile home may be occupied from 4 pm on the day of your arrival.
A bracelet will be put to you at the time of your arrival. Its port is obligatory during all your stay.
Delay: After a period of 24 hours from the date and time of arrival, no message of the tenant, the location or mobile home will be rented.
The settlement of the entire stay is required. The delay can lead to price reduction.
Cancellation: All cancellations must be justified and notified by mail. Will be retained, or will remain to be resolved, the booking fee and cancellation insurance.
By way of compensation for breach of contract:
-An amount equal to 25% of the stay if you cancel more than 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival.
-An amount equal to the total stay if you cancel less than 30 days before date of arrival, or if you do not then.
Cancellation warranty insurance: If you have subscribed it, it will refund the compensation for breach of contract indicated above, under the conditions specified in the contract (death or temporary or permanent disability, serious damage to your home, accident or failure of your means of transport, redundancy, professional transfer, serious damage to your vehicle, changing the date of your paid leave from your employer ,...).
The general conditions of contract are available on the Internet:
Departure: The pitches will be free on the day of departure before 12 am No early departure will result in no refund.
Rentals mobile home will be free on the day of departure before 10 am No early departure will result in no refund.
Payment: We accept the constituents, checks, vacation checks and credit card.
The remaining balance must be paid under the following conditions:
-Camping site: the balance must be fully paid the day before departure at the reception.
-Rental mobile home: the balance of the rent and deposits (3 checks: € 250 to rent, € 50 for the household, € 15 for the gate pass) must be paid 4 weeks before arrival at the campsite.
Remember that deposits are not encashed, but required 4 weeks before your stay to facilitate admissions. Once the balance paid, you will receive the invoice.
Caution: For mobile home rental, a deposit of € 250 is required upon entry to cover any damage or loss of equipment and a deposit of € 50 to cover cleaning costs at departure, the unit is to be returned left in the same state of cleanliness at the finish. Any damage to the accommodation or its accessories, will result in an immediate restoration at the tenant cost.
We remind you that the deposits are not encashed and will be returned within two weeks at the latest by mail after your departure.
For pitches, a deposit of € 15 for the gate pass is required at the entrance. These deposits are not a limit of liability.
Pool:Bermudas and swimming shorts are prohibited.
Guests: they must be declared at reception and must pay the going rate. The Campsite Grand air cadu reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.
Pets: Pets are allowed on the site (except category 1 and 2 dogs , strictly prohibited). They should never be left alone or locked in or around the location or rental. They must be leashed, tattooed, vaccinated. The vaccination is mandatory.
Insurance: it is up to the tenant to be insured for liability. The campsite is not responsible for theft, fire, weather, etc ... and in case of accident under the liability of the tenant.
Fires: fires on the ground, fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited. Barbecues are permitted with the usual precautions, outside of accommodation. (Fire extinguisher, bucket of water, etc ...) unless prefectural advice.
Rules: the campsite rules are displayed at the reception. Persons entering the campsite are required to comply. In case of breach of the Rules, the Executive manager or his representative reserves the right to evict without notice.
I have read the terms and conditions of rental.
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